FAQ Wedding

Can I customize a ready made design further?

Any ready made design can have names, colors, and the additional insert card edited at no extra cost. Any add ons of additional pieces, or format changes may result in an extra charge depending on the complexity of your request. However, if you would like to remove pieces from a ready made line such as the response card and envelope, we will send you a custom quote with a lower price.

What if I still want a custom invitation, but it’s not quite in my budget?

Tell us what your budget is and we can design an invitation suite to fit it based on the number of invitations you need. We can make adaptations of smaller sizes, no envelope liners or printing, etc.

Why would I pay so much for custom invitations?

People think “why should i put my money towards an invitation that most people will throw away?” Your invitation is the first thing that guests will see and sometimes it’s the only thing they will see.

A lot of time goes into planning out all the wedding day details, equal care should be put into creating custom invitations- it sets the tone for your whole event. It’s probably the only thing friends and family will have to remind them of your special day.

You also get so many opportunities to customize your look, so if having an entirely cohesive look is important to you, custom is definitely the way to go. We customize your invitation, your envelopes, your envelope liners, and even your stamps.

Give an invitation that will get guests excited to attend your event. Then follow it up with beautiful matching reception stationery and decorations, all designed to fit the theme you helped create. And after your guests have enjoyed your big day make sure to send them some nice corresponding thank you cards.

Once you get past the initial cost of custom, it actually becomes a value in the long run because we already have your idea designed. Your monogram, graphics, colors, addresses and style are saved which makes it really easy and affordable to carry your design throughout every part of your wedding process. 

What is wedding branding?

Wedding branding is the expression of the couples love through design. Through a series of questions and interviews we create a style, theme, and color palette unique to you as a couple for your wedding process.

What are handmade wedding invitations?

Each wedding invitation is custom designed for the couple and a lot of the images are hand sketched for each design. All the pieces are then printed in house, then cut, layered, and assembled by hand.

I see you only print on ivory or white linen paper, are other materials an option?

Yes, we can also print on many different shades of white, ivory, or natural colored paper. We also print on a large selection of types of paper- felt, cotton, recycled, smooth, canvas, and linen are our most popular. Prices will vary based on the type of paper selected, but you will receive your custom quote within one business day of your inquiry.

Do you do wedding invitations in different sizes?

All our invitations are done in a standard 5×7 size, or a square of 6.5.” However, 4×9, 4×6, and 5.5″ square invitations are available upon request. If you’d like a different size on the ready made line, there will be an upcharge to reformat the document.

Do you do photo invitations?

We do not do photo invitations. We love the look and feel of handmade paper invitations that gets easily lost with photo invitations. But we totally understand that you may have one or more photo you’d like to include in your invitation and we have a couple of options for you.

If you only have one photo you’d like to incorporate we have three options. Option 1, you provide us with enough photos on your own and we will slip it into the invitation bundles. If you want it in front of the invitation, print them 4×6, if you want it in back of the invitation print them 5×7, and if you have ordered pocket invitations, print them 4×3. Option 2, we provide the printing for you and they are cut down to perfectly fit in your invitation bundle or pocket. Option 3- a really fun and unique option- is to have your photo printed on paper as your custom envelope liner.

If you have multiple photos you’d like to incorporate we can actually design an additional insert with photos on it in the same style and material as your invitation and include it in your bundle or pocket.

Why would I pay extra for digital guest addressing?

Digital Guest Addressing is a very time consuming process. Each name and address needs to be entered in separately and because all addresses are different lengths, they need to be formatted individually to achieve the best aesthetics also, if you choose our digital guest addressing it will further the cohesive look we’re going for with your invitations.

How far in advanced do I need to order my invitations?

Traditionally, if you’re having us brand your wedding including coming up with your style, theme, and colors, as well as your custom invitation suite, we usually require 9 months notice if starting with a save the date, and 3 months if starting with just the invitation. Rush orders are possible for an additional charge. As long as our turnaround time is accounted for, the deadline is really up to you. If we are branding your wedding, you will want to leave ample time to make all other wedding arrangements with other vendors pertaining to your theme.

What is your turnaround time?

It usually takes about a month to settle on your design concept and brand, but once the final proof has been approved, depending on the volume of the order, usually no more than 3 weeks.

How many invitations should I order?

Take the time to sit down with your family, and get an accurate number of how many invitations you need and order 10 extra just in case.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order for wedding invitations is 25 and minimum order for boxed invites is 15. We do, however, offer a significant volume discount the more invitations your order.

What other services do you do besides wedding invitations?

We offer a wide range of reception and post wedding stationery services. We make menus, table numbers and signs, place cards, seating charts, our stories, thank you cards, favor tags, and more. Everything is designed to fit the theme you’ve chosen. Anything you don’t see listed, if it can be designed or made out of paper, we can work to create for you.

Can I order reception stationery and services through you without ordering invitations.

Of course, even if you’ve already settled on the theme and decorations for your big day, we can design any reception stationery to fit the style you want.